Retail customers how to seize large customers

no matter what kind of shop, if you can catch a big customer, which for the latter part of the store’s business development is undoubtedly very favorable. In fact, large customers, repeat customers is an important guarantee to improve the operating efficiency of retail outlets. Practice has proved that the greater the number of customers and back, the stronger the competitive strength of the store, the higher the level of profitability. So, retail customers how to seize the big customers, retain repeat customers? I visited a number of more experienced retail customers, let us listen to their practices and suggestions. retail customers: Sun Caixia point of view: sincere treatment of customers to improve service quality has big customers and repeat customers, is to have the wealth. And to seize the big customers, retain repeat customers, the focus is to do a good job of quality services to thoughtful, meticulous, sincere service to win their trust, increase their favor. I think in terms of quality services, retail customers to do the following key points: first, we must establish the door are off the idea, so as to achieve the same customer. Regardless of wealth, regardless of poverty, should be treated fairly and equally, can not have the slightest discrimination. To learn to respect the customer, no matter what the situation should be civilized, sincere attitude, as there is no friction and conflict with customers, to give customers a good impression, so that customers want to shop again. two is the elimination of customer regret: in the daily operation, to constantly check and review of their own problems and shortcomings, and often for market research, customer satisfaction, there is no regret what shopping, etc.. Through continuous reflection and inspection, improve service, improve service quality, so that more customers are willing to come again. Three is the time for customers. Think about the customer’s point of view and try to find a solution. As of customer satisfaction with the products and service of opinions and suggestions, and in terms of price affordability, focus on these problems to grasp and understand their psychological activities, and the service done more in place, more satisfied customers. four is a serious customer opinion. In the operation, we often hear the customer’s evaluation of the store information, such as customer complaints, complaints, complaints, etc.; there is a good side, such as the customer to make pertinent, reasonable comments and suggestions. Whether it is a good or bad side, for any one store business development, it is very important resources. to know that our service object is the vast number of consumers, they put forward the views and suggestions are their own heart, is their own hopes and aspirations. If we are able to correct the deficiencies, improve the work, achieve their hopes, and meet their wishes, we will be very satisfied

Seven steps to determine an optimal degree of difficulty of the project

whether companies or individuals, whether small or large projects in the project, then live before, must first confirm the difficulty of optimization of the project, the project can not do, and then to the customer at a reasonable price, do not report to scare away customers, low at the expense of their own. Are some of the skills of the project, the following radish on the system to tell you about it. step 1: check the hardware of the site, The stability of the server is an important element of the website SEO, the server is often a problem, even if you do SEO in Niubi is no good; the security of the server if there is security, whether it is often linked to horse, the website was hacked by traffic conditions; eat project, to know the server can also allow many people to visit do optimization first, to ensure that users cannot access the server not because broadband problem phenomenon; if the flow reached the requirements of the customer, the server can bear it. second step: query the software condition of the website website domain name registration number (you should know the registration period is longer, the weights of the domain name are relatively higher), the site of the online time; the structure of the site is standard, under normal circumstances, we will not go to the optimization project for customers of large-scale adjustment of website structure, unless the client can also add money. Of course, in large scale optimization project, site overall structure generally good; Web applications and database types, for the content of more projects, capable of carrying what the magnitude of the database is very important. third step: query website history search engine impression query website history search engine impression, in fact, to see if the site has been search engines black, has tried to ask the reason for being black. fourth step: query website data inquires the major search engine included amount, website snapshot, website Alexa ranking, web site outside the chain, website traffic, key keywords ranking and other data, need to query, and then list form statistics. fifth step: website promotion before this is a very important point, optimize the industry card low, competition is very intense, before the project is looking for you maybe he had been looking for other companies, but did not achieve the desired effect, to find you. At this time, you should from the relevant soft text, friendship links (mainly to see if they have bought links), so as not when the company on the home after some resources removed, the website data will drop and wonder. sixth step: analyze competitor Website data, rival promotion means, optimize the operation ability of the estimated opponent team, is to give yourself a good position, to determine their own company or have the strength to compete with them. If you are a person, you go to compete with a team of more than a dozen people, it is really too difficult. < […]

Talk about the core idea of product sales site promotion

The product marketing site says it’s a shopping site that allows visitors to buy products through product introductions on the site. Here is a brief talk about the promotion of such websites. a clear purpose, the first thing to make clear is that the sales website is for the customer to do, and his ultimate goal is to sell the product, the more the better. In this way, when you write the soft text, less on the site description, more of the product introduction, so that product information is more simple and clear. two, how to find your customers, there are many shopping sites, daily traffic is not small, but it is strange that no one buy products. In fact, now more and more a part of the hard advertising effect is not satisfactory, especially those big portals, they demand in this area is not large, plus a lot of people are tired of the psychological effect of advertising, so often the opposite. This time is more suitable for soft text. In place of user needs, providing comprehensive product information, but the effect will be very good. But someone will ask, what kind of people, what kind of crowd is your potential consumer, this requires you to collect more personal information, and more experience. three, the user’s trust may be a lot of people have encountered such a situation before, access to the site, a big picture, almost finished the entire screen, and then go down, the company address, the company phone. Ask, "what would you think if it was you?". Are you going to buy the product because of that big picture? I think most of the answers are negative. While standing, you should stand in the consumer’s position and consider the concerns of the consumer, so that your turnover will be promoted by the chief officer. four, user satisfaction has been a step of trust, then is to make customer satisfaction, from the pre-sale and customer service, have to pay attention to, to do this, the personnel of the service requirements of the site is relatively high, they first need to fully understand their own products, asked in the customer problems you should know that, there is one aspect that is integrity. A lot of people want to sell their products with a bit of cheating. I have a friend who works as a holder. He told me that for some time they sold them to the district. The customer asked if this could be used to clean the glass. He said, "how about water absorption?". in fact, in these two functions, this can not be achieved, because consumers are still more trusted sales staff, but it is not the same after taking it back. He’s sold it once, but even for a website that wants to grow for a long time, it’s like this, and I’m sure you can sell the product at the most. Thus losing him and his friends around him forever. And finally to […]

What’s so hard about online education Look, it’s a weight issue

a lot of people doing this is difficult, where ? first difficult, no traffic (or traffic is small), second difficult, low conversion rate, small flow, then basically no conversion fee student amount. This article seems to have no . Most complain is not to make money, really tired. This is certainly a false proposition, Zhenlei ye may not make money, should not make money, the heart is tired, exactly is trouble. At the beginning of business is not difficult to do, why is it so hard to online education, a monthly income of millions is not. Probably because of too many competitors, yes, not the user does not pay, is too much competition. In ensuring the quality of the premise of the course, to find traffic is indeed the most tired. QQ group, a group of the rankings do go up, one day hundreds of applications with precise user group; now impossible, QQ group search area show, the first row of my QQ group Beijing users search, Changsha users search, can not find. look at Baidu promotion, before the promotion costs super cheap, there are users, but no advertising. Now, the cost of doing education is at least $6, and small companies can’t afford it. It’s just for big companies to promote brands. Wow, look, that XX agency, Baidu search, XX training, related words, you can see it. Yes, this advertisement serves the flow of other channels, and the revenue from advertising itself is not proportional to the revenue. the end of the end, now Tencent class traffic is also very little, so. It doesn’t matter, now, small institutions on the platform training PS can still make money, it means that it will not be the ashes of the rhythm. first wants to make money in the online education field, but also to pay for it. Although the training is to make quick money, but we must recognize the fact that each new one to enter this industry, is a stumbling block, means more stumbling; unless you can think of "peer" admission to training, training, or to do the training service (such as classroom platform for Tencent is it so). Cooperation is mutually complementary and long-term business support. to see what the money making agencies are paying. 1, lecturer at the time, including but not limited to the curriculum research, user service, lectures… And is continuous, long! What Niubi, although you in practice more Niubi, teaching effect is not necessarily good. A nervous tinkling se a word of God is not much; consider the students’ background, there is talk with eloquence God; only a trick of God is more. Yes, yes, you are a high-end designer, you are a high-end electricity supplier operators, you are BAT engineers. The background of your success may not be the student’s current background. The biggest problem with the student is that you may think it is a small problem. for designers, you make design, make money, and lecture to earn money, patterns and…

Some questions about how to improve website traffic

my website has been doing for a long time, and has been doing badly. Please ask the experts to help me analyze it carefully. Thank you very much, The station built in 99 years, the time is purely personal entertainment, very boring, spend time with, and so on and off for three or four years, never thought to do what optimization, to update the content of the website, because at that time working outside, do not have too much time to maintain. Later, I feel like I have a good software download, because I’m installing computers and repairing computers everywhere. I have to use a lot of software in many cases. Then the site on the big revision, big surgery, into software download, all are manually added up, belong to pure static form. Add a software, it is necessary to change the home page, at that time, did not use some of the online system, at that time, slowly join the grassroots ranks. is approximately in about 06 years, I returned home, no wandering outside, the Internet time is right a little more, contact webmaster also slowly, website template level also had the appropriate promotion (this is certainly in the boast, after he recommended) the easy procedure, feel very convenient, you can add articles, you can also add software, can also add pictures, messages, friends of the chain. Enthusiasm came, with a cavity of enthusiasm, then insisted for some time (before April this year, I have never been like this two months, so insisted, and sometimes months do not move). Later, I joined the work, and the enthusiasm came again. What enthusiasm was it? Just taking part in the work, it must be enthusiasm for work. So I put all my heart and soul into my work, and the website was there again.                 job transfer; I served as technician, and then remembered my website. On the Internet recently read an article, personal website: live is successful, and this is almost the same, it is alive, and did not let this website hang, Baidu, Google and other major search engines have been included. Slow down the station and add a little more data. Through the relationship, get a permanent server, and then simply put the website to the server at this time, I know I made a mistake, the website and download resources on the same server, do not know if this is a common mistake? Later, a good friend of the introduction well, let me do a website, I didn’t listen to them. After a long time, also in March of this year, we are together after dinner, and then he went to my office, he said his website in profit, how many are much higher than in the profit, my salary, I will let him put his alliance, some open to me, see, I also silly, really work salary is higher than me. pressure, the resulting power! At this time my […]

New site must see information

and a new person to join the ranks of the webmaster, friends want to do stand, let me write an article about the new site should know what and attention to him. I haven’t written any articles for beginners since I’ve just started my business. I would like to call this opportunity to be published and to share my experience with summing up my experience. I think it’s very useful for beginners. Get to the point: Article 1: site positioning summed up a sentence: combined with their own, precise positioning, not big, but fine and professional. site positioning has always been the first step in the building site, do not blindly start the site, must be sure that you do the direction of the station. Recommendation: novice first do garbage station to try, and then a bit of capital, consider promising industry station. As for doors, Huxing, websites and the like, do not take into account. It’s best to combine yourself with your own interests and abilities (connections, resources, energy and time), and then do what you need to do. Do these, I think you can, and the financing of what first do not consider, you are new, you have to familiarize yourself with the site, familiar with the basic operation of the site, promotion, etc.. First positioning a small aspect in the development. Garbage station transformation industry station is still a good way. second: domain name and space domain name is best com, whether from the SEO point of view or after the development of the site. Followed by org, net and other domain names. There are domestic top-level domain CN and SEOer tested are good. Experience is CN domain name, Baidu included as usual, just increase the audit efforts and extended the included or audit time, however, website optimization master often use is used in flood, so cn is more natural than some. If you can get the government domain name gov, no better, even is also very good, so that the beginning of the search engine will trust you. Just said is a domain name suffix, the whole is best to contain the keyword Pinyin, then consider acronyms or numbers, alphanumeric combinations, and if the focus on brand, a catchy short easy to remember domain name will be the best, look at me (love you Xiaonei code station) is good right, oh. space: there are only six words: stable, fast and safe. You buy a virtual host, or rented or hosted, or their own server, but also to ensure stability, but also fast and safe. These three are important not only to your visitors, but to search engines as well. It is recommended to use the nets of the space business, although the price is expensive, but still very good. Only recommend this one, others dare not evaluate. Also, it is better not to use free space, space can not spend a few money, free time to hang up, and your web site will […]

9 City sued blizzard, demon animal may stop introduction

anger, only anger. 9 sued blizzard, we may not be able to continue the game, press and Publication Administration said, foreign enterprises disputes, once the foreign litigation and arbitration was proposed and accepted, the product will be stopped by the examination and approval. I am very clear, and now the NetEase is about to apply for "World of Warcraft" approval, precisely at this critical juncture, the precise point of time is really a tongue. Of course, I know, often a legal dispute could be just a few months, can also be a few years (the delay time is also a skill, some enterprises do not hope too hard), all of this is possible, but also I don’t want to also don’t want to think about the problem now. originally did not want to ignore the server crashes and other things, broken things. But there is this kind of enterprise that makes you unbearable. if I hadn’t heard of the blizzard incident in The9 yesterday, I wouldn’t have paid any attention to the operator. Also did not expect, a lot of players are so support The9, some of the hair of the idea is even to my surprise. now, I’d like to give my opinion on some of the current focus issues. one, The9 is a good example of domestic enterprises, some manpower is quite the practice of 9 cities, somebody says 9 cities are the pioneer that maintains domestic enterprise dignity. Unexpectedly, The9 company turned into a domestic enterprise pioneer, surprising. I don’t know if it is a pioneer in what kind of content, the prosecution must have seen the property damage compensation dispute. Now, the big websites have pointed out that "only the Blizzard employees broke 2 servers, the property damage compensation dispute, nothing to do with the game.". there is a "commercial defamation dispute", at present, we have not seen the blizzard which news or conduct "attack" on 9, my guess is the last of the "patch" incident. whether or not these annoying reasons, as a network game operators in order to trifle with Blizzard online game maker like "start", really necessary? This can only lead to "World of Warcraft" and the domestic game player to say goodbye. Some people say for Blizzard make HeiXinQian and against The9, I can only say that it was bad luck I saw these words. So, Blizzard games can not play, so it is not necessary to earn what "dirty money", but as you say, 9 cities to earn money because of high quality service agent? That seems "World of Warcraft" or "second choice, some have a sharp eye on the nine game player" the proxy service before playing the game. two, Blizzard conceals business plan disputes? has the player to say, it is Blizzard did not discuss with 9 cities, after the contract expires, replace agent thing. Other really do not want to say more, I would like to ask, the contract is expired, which agent will also be looking for […]

Game video sharing website Twitch what sell 1 billion knives

[Abstract] yesterday, with a nearly $1 billion Amazon Twitch into her arms, figure is what? What kind of game player groups have distinct characteristics, their pleasure come from? The buddy in the crowd, and to learn what to take on Twitch ?   may rarely notice that gamers have dual attributes: they like to play games themselves, and they like to watch other people play games. The pleasure of both is very close. 80, 90, many young people have seen WCG, the game industry once the top event, in fact, video sharing conference. in the domestic, the game industry is to feed the giants, including Tencent, NetEase, Shanda, including large and small Internet companies. However, for the game player’s first attribute: like to play their own game, our manufacturers are basically catering to this demand. Second attributes, watching others playing games, there is no one doing. game video to watch the potential volume of , according to an IHS survey in May this year, the Chinese mainland has become the biggest market for video games on the Internet, followed by the United States and South korea. , for example, is a Twitch video game sharing site with an active monthly population of 55 million, and 58% of users spend more than 20 hours a week watching video games on Twitch. last year, gamers worldwide spent a total of 2 billion 400 million hours watching video games. With Twitch being integrated into the latest generation of console games, Bloomberg expects a growth rate of time, as shown in figure   infiltrated into various screens of varying sizes Amazon’s intention to acquire Twitch may be to infiltrate as many screens as possible. Following the Kindle Fire Phone tablet computer, mobile phone, Fire, TV set-top boxes and other hardware after the launch, Amazon yesterday, with a nearly $1 billion to Twitch in my arms. Google added a new platform for advertising, you can understand that Amazon will need a video sharing site more than Google, this operation is what kind of consideration? ? Twitch acquisition seems random, for Amazon, no less than even more than their own mobile phone hardware Fire Phone significance. Apple and Google have completely taken over the small screen, which is pretty much the case, but the game’s screen – the original TV – is still fiercely competitive. The key to fighting the living room war is television, which is a promising field for Twitch. IHS data display, 30%>

Feasibility of personal industry navigation station development

is currently standing professional competition is fierce innumerable, personal development, professional stations are facing a shortage of funds, lack of "human" to promote resistance, do a professional station more feasible way is to do the navigation station industry I suggest, it has the following advantages: < /p> 1, easy navigation station and professional website to exchange links, this is a mutually beneficial cooperation process, I have been using this site to make a few more than PR4 link; such as my station is safe production site navigation station, a large collection of safe production sites, of course, including many non-profit industry station, such as security protective equipment production, sales of the industry, including some of the PR value high enterprise station, into a relatively high value chain. 2, relatively speaking, the trade station navigation station competition is smaller. Others, like hao123265 and other navigation stations, have been on the side, and it’s difficult to get a slice of a big, hao123 like station. But similar to education navigation station, medical navigation station, clothing navigation station and so on the website, has the bigger development space to individual stationmaster. Of course, it is not difficult to imagine the more popular competition in the industry is also not small, so I suggest only doing more biased industry, pay attention to is more partial, too biased, then it will lose the meaning of existence. 3, easy maintenance management, this is also very important for personal webmaster; finally, explain the first station in published articles, writing, experiences are insufficient, hope everybody Adsense advice! Well, not much to say, I hope this article is useful to you, hope to communicate with you QQ:253512907 by safety website Daquan feeds

How to use QQ to bring high flow

the method is very simple, once and for all. Every day you only need to spend two or three small hours, and you can make your website introduce huge traffic every day. No hang up, technical content is not high. first thing: search engines to search for a picture (female, test result is the highest non mainstream type of idiotic), must be very attractive, but it is true that, is to see that it is a common picture, not a professional photographer that can choose photos in the scenic area. second things: find a PS master, for this photo in the face, is this picture into a picture of no infringement.. third things: next to a city, a city search (take a map next to search), search the local dating network, such as Changzhou, Changzhou search friends network. third things: in the dating network, publish a female membership information, and then put your photos on the left, do not write any ads in the QQ data. Because administrators need to audit, after the audit passed, the QQ changed to advertising. fourth things: each city can only send one, do not repeat the hair, after finishing the material, one day you can send the 300 cities dating material. fifth things: the record of each city release information of friends station address to a TXT file, and then automatically posting machine posts, only the 300 friends stand, 300*100=3WIP and a friends stand, at least have thousands of traffic, we are through the search engine to search, the natural flow of higher. a QQ, a day can bring huge traffic, not a flicker of people, their own testing. The main reason is that the flow continues to accumulate, the daily flow is increasing. now, in the Internet age, we should make good use of tools. Such as domestic 51 exchanges, Baidu blog, YAHOO, and so on specializes in building his own blog, and then hangs it with the tools of automatic blogging. It works very well. ( ) can also make full use of QQ space traffic open QQ, login a friend’s QQ space, leave a message, and then click on the other friend’s QQ space message. In this way, cycle down, the key is that you leave a message to attract each other to click, so you have been stepping on each other. leave content: haven’t been in your room for a long time. I’ve been busy making a website recently. The last time you said I wouldn’t do it, I’ll show it to you. Mainly said that puzzling, attract QQ space users to click, adhere to 2 hours a day, IP will have 3000 methods a day is indeed feasible, mainly a bit stupid, suitable for no flow of new sites, it is difficult to do standing. Suggest that your website content should be rich, otherwise your promotion is only temporary. >

A local forum can earn 200 thousand annually

article let everyone laughed. This article is a real webmaster story, I hope we can help. This time I called the station I will not show. In 2003, I started contacting web production, when I was studying FP. Then there was the opportunity to come into contact with power 3. 51 and free power 3. 6 and easy to move 4. 03, the follow-up version of mobile is no longer studied. in 2004, a friend of mine in the county town, he resigned and started an Internet company. At that time is to sell computers, to help others do the main site. There seems to be no business. Mainly his efforts to make the site is not home, but also stay in the FP stage, and engage in a few simple static pages. half a year later, he found out he was doing well. Later on, he also made a move CMS. Here are some simple stories from the county. Mostly from TV, in the newspapers. At this point, he recruited several salesmen. In our small county town, doing this line of business is called IT industry, it seems to be very enviable. In order to expand the popularity of the site, the county’s various Internet cafes home page is set for their home page. On the main roads of the county seat, hang up billboards on their websites. Soon, the traffic rose. This time, they take the initiative to find a salesman, shops, county and township shops, hotel advertising, help them to do some HTML page introduction for example, then the home prominent position put their picture link to the past. Business is incredible. in 2005, their website thoroughly revised, easily deleted, and directly get a forum, so interactive more powerful, more web site traffic, Internet users participation higher. He has already succeeded. The assets are said to have been in excess of one million. There are no junk ads on his forums, all local businesses. summary: This is still relatively simple to write, but smart webmaster friends, you from my article, should be able to harvest it. If you have local connections, the local forum + salesman is your best choice. A county, 4000 merchants, you just eat 10%, 400 merchants, a merchant, a year website publicity, construction management fees 500 yuan, that is, 400*1000=20 0000 yuan. Of course, you can also raise prices, after all, many businesses still hold mysterious attitude to the website,

BAT attack mobile medical outflanking to survive in the cracks can be maintained

not only was hot in July this year, but also in mobile medical circles. It was very hot, the first wave of fall, who is ?   big data analysis, search technology and medical technology Baidu wins the three layer strategy of closed loop overall, BAT in the mobile medical layout in the medical field has been ready to Baidu, officially signed medicine refers to community synchronous registration service platform, large data analysis, search technology and medical technology, formally completed closed-loop strategy three levels (people and services, the line closed loop closed loop closed loop, the product itself in addition to the investment Tencent); and since the territory (such as registered net, sugar, lilac, a doctor) will pay to build public number + WeChat WeChat wisdom system in the hospital, on the other hand, is good at playing the "medical" brand, plus social medical intelligent hardware started nine medical, Plantronics engraved PNUs and WeChat, mobile phone QQ cooperation, to provide users health data monitoring, sharing, and implementation of WeChat QQ user guide. Along with the huge traffic line started to Alibaba, Ali health and future hospital on medical cooperation and fierce storm, not only medical and health services, health hospital also launched Ali cloud platform, realize the whole process management of medical service line, also plans to "not to" construct ecological hospital one-stop platform, coupled with Tmall the Medicine Museum around drug business to establish the leading position of business development. "to take all, otherwise it will not" BA do not eat cookies, medical vertical segments if the breakdown of the layout of BAT medical services, basically based on investment and self built, covering most of the business covered health management, medical services and pharmaceutical business. Interestingly, in the BAT project, in addition to the Tencent investment and construction of the sugar mother network doctor, Baidu and Ali is no food medical vertical segments to take all the cookies, otherwise it will not. The hope for many BAT olive branch of mobile medical vertical industry segments entrepreneurs, will undoubtedly go home early. a user will be 200 yuan, general A rounds below entrepreneurs who play from ! nevertheless, for the vertical areas such as mother and baby, diabetes, chronic diseases and cancer, the biggest expectation of these mobile medical entrepreneurs is to integrate the resources on the line and form a complete closed loop. And often go down the line, and eventually set up a special hospital or a combination of hospital system. In the middle of the risk in addition to the risk of funds for, and began to enter the mobile health drops fast with money fishing for the user of the Warring States period, not a capital you can not play, can not play the doomed users no longer have to play with you. It is understood that last year the doctor sent iPhone6 almond register to download the lottery, the average catch a doctor users about 130 yuan (including cost push). The almond forest, which focuses […]

Beauty station experience sharing

webmaster many, beauty webmaster is not much, more famous beauty webmaster is less, and even some people say that the Internet age there are three kinds of people: men, women, women webmaster. A station woman really needs more money and a strong will. , I’m the stationmaster, the female stationmaster. My name is amy. did a few websites, marriage, fashion network, a woman dressed with honey net, net, existing to make a web site navigation {} – cola. In general, the site is not difficult, it is difficult to popularize, free promotion is more difficult, for example, web site navigation, although many, but the level of the interface is not much, not much good, can let the person impression even less. Through the construction of Coca Cola site navigation, I summed up the website construction experience: 1, the site is completed, in the major search engine login, especially the United States web site to log in, this is a lot of search engines search basis. 2, published original article. Original articles, on the one hand, you can bring a large number of IP through search engines, on the other hand you can bring traffic with your peers, you can also enhance visibility. Originality is the life of the website. 3, adding backlinks. Reverse link not only can increase the opportunity that the website is browsed, expand popularity, also help very much to PR, raise the ALEXA rank of the website, cola website navigation can help all kinds of websites realize retrorse link. 4, the "crowd tactics" in the limited circumstances, is undoubtedly the best. Around the post, especially the web site posting, increase the chance of exposure, and slowly become the high visibility of the site, site navigation { Cola} now basically through personnel promotion, of course, word of mouth, and even a lot of people download back to their own space, for the convenience of their own, but also the convenience of others. 5, offline activities. Coca Cola website navigation, every month in Guangzhou will engage in activities, every issue of a topic, we can speak freely, there are tea, and more importantly, there are guests, and completely free. 6, in the webmaster general assembly, there are many cattle owners, a lot of dirt, inspiration, to the development of the site of resonance, can also find a partner who is responsible for our understanding in the webmaster meeting, so every year we attend stationmaster plenary meeting, sent a lot of name card, like Beijing, Shanghai the Southern China conference is generally in the webmaster. Interested in the webmaster conference in Southern China, free of charge, registration address:     .

Cai Wensheng grassroots attack counter domain name registration stunt 1, domain name at least 1 mill

review: Cai Wensheng, Fujian Shishi, a high school dropout, early to help the family to do the clothing business, in 1993 moved to the southeast, in 1999 started the domain name business after returning home, Chinese became the most successful domain name investors. he had single-handed, grabbed about one hundred thousand Internet domain names, the total valuation of more than $100 million; he had never graduated from high school, English is rotten, but the website sold to Google, has become a large number of VC functions; , he is the first angel investor, many of the websites have been popular with tens of millions of dollars. he and another super webmaster do 4399 game site, is likely to be more than Chen Tianqiao made "platform operators"". at the end of June this year, 30 year old Li Xingping got his own life for the first time flying experience, all the time, he rarely left his home in Guangdong city of Xingning. And the only three times out of the province, this time Li Xingping’s destination is Fujian, Xiamen. The difference is that his friend and partner Cai Wensheng flew from Xiamen to Guangzhou to travel with him. they’re talking about the next plan for the 4399 game site, where two people work together. In fact, the investment of less than 1 million yuan of personal leisure game portal, in 40 years, the Internet has become the brand Google hot 2008 ranked seventh, the current monthly income of more than 10 million yuan, more than $80 million in private equity valuation. But they refused to invest for the time being. "We’ll take our money, and 4399 have the chance to do a great job. IPO is just a small goal."." Cai Wensheng laughs. he and Li Xingping, perhaps the most grassroots combination of China’s internet. Are successful individual webmaster, the first opponent, after a friend, is now a partner, but also completely complementary. Li Xingping extremely introverted, do not understand management, habits alone. CAI has rich experience in business, contacts and capital trust. understanding of grassroots users, no one in China’s Internet community dare to say that he is stronger than Li Xingping. His junior high school culture, installed computers, Internet cafes, in May 1999 to create site navigation station, the highest single day visits, more than 30 million, comparable to Sohu. In August 2004, Baidu bought it at tens of millions of dollars. Cai Wensheng, Fujian Shishi people, a high school dropout, early years to help the family do clothing business, moved to Southeast Asia in 1993, after returning home in 1999 began to do domain name business, becoming China’s most successful domain name investors. In 2003, Cai began to mimic hao123 as a web site,, in 2004 to obtain IDG and Google investment, in 2007, Google China to tens of millions of dollars (Cai Zicheng) price acquisition of 265. Before and after, Tsai began investing in companies that included investment in storm videos, express trains, CNCN statistics, […]

Grassroots webmaster do garbage station should have a garbage appearance

              every day on the A5 to study, rarely speak in general, yesterday saw a friend in one of her business records mentioned me, I can not feel out. Thank you A5 webmaster to Fifi article approved, I have a deep feeling, I hope more people can write their own experiences, do we share the joy and pain, because the station: webmaster, you are not a person in battle.           A5;     is a good place; individuals feel that they are the first choice for the original experience. Fifi this girl is very strong, is a rare good material female master, how could not now, but 35 years after the original act, the article did not see you reading it, graduation do webmaster about my entrepreneurial experience, this and we mainly talk about some personal experience of the garbage station.              ; I began personal Adsense career in 2003, time is not long, not long, the station master experience, ashamed, there is no big as yet. During the attempted industry station, shopping mall, and many other types of portal sites, and even individual stationmaster survival is not easy, this time some people take what business how to run a lot of venture capital, used to know a friend has a strong government background, made a local news portal, now rash and too much in haste. Let’s look back and say "grassroots", no money no potential, is not easy, so in my 8 years of experience, personal webmaster do stand should be "survival", it is to make money first, and then seek the development, of course, these are purely personal opinions, please paizhuan.               1, station location: a word "garbage station should have a garbage like," why do you say, a waste station based on the "cost leadership". Some people may disagree, but as a purely grassroots webmaster, you have no food and clothing to solve, you talk about what development?. What page art, paid procedures, Baidu bidding, advertising and so on, not outsourcing, online free resources many, many can use, make full use of all the cost can save on the province. If you still throw a lot of money into a station, or even a promotion, buy an ad or something, then I advise you to take home early.                 2, the domain name garbage station select:.Com meters, the earth people know, poor webmaster you best not to know, you will note on the line, or cost". Or you can use the remaining meters

Analysis of user behavior in industry station

has seen such a sentence on the Internet, to retain users, thorough analysis of user behavior, the site will be able to do the industry leader. At that time, just contact SEO, do not quite understand the meaning of this sentence. With their in-depth understanding of the SEO and responsible industry website analysis, feel that users of Web site behavior analysis is the majority of Seoer who most need to work hard to do. Users are not only the direct users of search engines, but also the final judge of the quality of service. If you want the website to be invincible, you should follow and analyze the behavior of users using search engines, and make the optimization strategy accordingly. 1 traffic analysis look at the site traffic statistics, must be the daily work of the vast number of Seoer. Site traffic statistics allows us to understand the user’s access habits, user sources, long tail word sources, and so on, we can draw access to the law of users. After mastering the access rules of most users, the next step is to work out a targeted optimization strategy to get the results we want. Take the clothing investment website below as an example to analyze the user’s behavior briefly. industry website must be rich in content, in addition to information, products, brands and other basic elements of the site. Also include clothing association, clothing business school, clothing market and so on can bring the flow and the potential customer’s column for the website. Content is rich, it is bound to PV will be corresponding growth, thereby increasing user stickiness, and to lay the foundation for retaining users. the content is rich, then there are primary and secondary points. Websites, channels, and columns vary, and the preferences of search engines vary. Seoer have this experience: the main content included Baidu effect is not good, "unintentional" page that let Baidu spider from infatuation". No matter what way the user enters our website, we should induce users to click on our main push column, which requires us to optimize the page which is easily accessible to the user in time. For example, you can find a prominent location on this page to push our main push content. aiming at different industries to make targeted adjustments. Also take 3188.TV as an example: clothing investment website, of course, is pushing brands and products. By analyzing traffic statistics, it is found that clear clothing is easier to be clicked by users than smaller ones. The same series of products, directly click on the picture to enter the next picture, put more right than the picture on the right or other location. You can see the following two kinds of picture browsing effect,, obviously, the first effect more in line with the characteristics of the clothing industry. 2 user retrieval process analysis we can use Baidu index to analyze hot topics in clothing keywords

Membership electricity providers WELHOME, can become China’s version of Jet

lead: winter often think, "have WELHOME membership model, mobile providers in the red sea blue ocean, which is the middle class in the shopping experience gap," let them feel out of the ordinary business."   reported that the giant Ali has quietly participated in the U.S. membership electricity supplier website Jet B round of financing. Let’s introduce the magic site on the other side of the ocean. Last year, when it was not on the line, Jet received $80 million in A round of financing. In February this year, it has to take the money, this is the BAIn Capital to get $140 million B round of financing investment, this round of financing in the valuation of $600 million, at that time, it is not on the line! However, Jet has finally launched. In the face of consumers and peers, Jet appears to be subversive gesture, the flagship of the whole network lowest, directly challenge the Amazon, the model is more like Amazon and Costco (the largest chain of membership warehouse discount store, charges $55 a year membership fee) fit, membership category price electricity supplier. specifically, Jet is a Amazon like the whole category of electricity providers, including food, clothing, books, electronic products, baby supplies, sporting goods and so on. It is reported that Jet has now and Sony, Store,, Sears and other hundreds of small and medium-sized retailers to reach a cooperation. But after all, it doesn’t look like God. Unlike Amazon, Jet won’t be open to everyone: after 90 days of free probation, you have to pay $50 a year for membership fees to continue using it. As a member of the return, Jet said the price of its website will eventually be 10% – 15% cheaper than any other electricity supplier. In other words, Jet’s profit comes mainly from membership fees, rather than commissions per transaction (Amazon commissions ranging from 8% to 15%). According to Jet, consumers spend about $150 a year on Jet. So, Jet is like a fit of Amazon and Costco, or, to be sure, it’s an online Costco. recently on the line of electricity supplier App, "one after another" WELHOME, the flagship is also a membership system, obviously and Jet have similarities. "There are many WELHOME," said founder Chang Dong. "The core business models of the two are similar. They build fast shopping channels on top of the existing business logic.". looked up, winter often said, "have WELHOME" is mainly for family membership service business platform, because home shopping needs is the biggest characteristic of periodic purchase, such as toilet paper, the basic needs of every once in a while purchasing a >

Group buying website, operation and market analysis

Interpretation and market analysis of concept "good and save money" is an immutable and unchanging standard of living since ancient times, especially in today’s soaring prices. People are more careful about shopping and spending. Therefore, in the life of common colleagues, classmates or friends, together to the same business procurement, so that businesses to provide lower prices, which is the original form of "buy."". group buying, that is, group purchasing, also known as collective purchasing. Is generally called by an individual or organization, will have the intention to buy the same product consumer organizations, a large number of manufacturers or to the total generation buying behavior, so as to ensure the quality of products, low price and service guarantee. Group purchase of goods generally have higher brand awareness and improve the larger market share, customer service service system, good service, stable product quality, can withstand the test of time, can provide the enterprise and product information etc. complete. according to the survey, the main products of the group include decoration, building materials, household goods, automobiles, real estate, household appliances, training, computers, digital products, daily necessities and so on. The rise of group purchase early in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen City, has rapidly spread in the major city, become a modern fashion, the pursuit of many consumers shopping, because it can effectively prevent the immature market profiteering, personal consumption, mass consumption blindly boycott bubble, let consumers really enjoy the "good and save money". buy group can bring the above benefits reasons, first, participate in group buying can effectively reduce the transaction costs of consumers, in ensuring the quality and service of the premise, get reasonable low price. Buy essence is like wholesale, group buying is equivalent to the number of products purchased at wholesale price. The group purchase can be decentralized, passive to active buy bulk purchase, so buy the same quality products, can enjoy lower prices and better quality services; the two is to completely change the traditional consumer behavior, because market transparency and information asymmetry, caused by the weak position of consumers. By participating in the understanding of group purchase better product specifications, performance, reasonable price range, can refer to group purchase organizers and other buyers to evaluate product fair, occupy the active position in the purchase and service process, to buy the real good quality and good service, reasonable price and satisfactory products, to save time, worry, effort and money the purpose of. is more involved in the number of group purchase more able to get cheaper prices and better service, the traditional forms of organization by various factors such as information is narrow and low efficiency limit, lead to a large number of group purchase activities organization. Because of the large area popularization of the Internet and its many characteristics, through the network, the organization launched the group purchase activities has become the most important way, through the network to conduct a comprehensive information display, complete specifications of the various forms of interactive group purchase process, and so […]

In fact, we are only short of executive power, talking about the importance of execution to the webs

The word " " is actually quite empty. You can often hear him, but you often ignore him. Especially in a big company, leaders often mention this word, but there are not many people who really understand it. Our company, I want to cheap nets, attaches great importance to this. every year, China has many companies opened, and many companies have closed down. Chinese isn’t the lack of creativity, not even the lack of money, it can be said that Chinese is the most creative people in the world, you can see from the various methods, as long as careful observation, you will find that in our life, full of our ideas, and rich people, really the invisible rich, is also very much. But in every year, there are still many companies go bankrupt, you can open a company, there is definitely a little bit of money, but the boss, certainly not of course, because of the lack of ability and cleverness, head and open the company to be excluded. One of the most important reasons why they can’t go on is the lack of execution. maybe you have a very good idea, and there’s a lot of money to support the idea, but without good execution, it’s hard to succeed. After all, now is the market economy, competition is very fierce, we are in progress, are also exploring opportunities, once found is a money making idea, certainly there will be tens of thousands of people as long as the execution of a stampede in, not in place, people first. in fact, we all know what the executive power is and how important he will be tomorrow, but there are not many people who really keep him in mind. Not to say that every day shouting executive power on the importance of attention. But to do, in order to understand his effect, when a project begins, if you get this project schedule list, and then one to achieve? No, maybe you listed, but a week later, the plan was on the desk somewhere, until the end of the project no one to move him. Everyone has an inert, doing the same thing every day, we will ignore the other things, of course, every day to do this project, you wouldn’t think of the progress of the project in the end how should reflect on some problems in this encounter, the plan is really effective. So, at this point, we should list some problems in time, and then solve them one by one. If not remind yourself from time to time, a lot of things will come to nothing. China is a country where bureaucracy is prevalent, in state-owned enterprises and in private enterprises, as long as a little larger companies will have them. Leaders often talk about something that looks great, but they don’t really care how they do it. Because they never consider the question of the force of China Merchants Bank, can not do is one thing, good […]

1 billion dollars’s selling Secrets products with stories

    gay theme started the social networking site in July last year, the successful transformation into a product design online flash sales site, in these 11 months, the site sold a total of 1 million items, namely every minute 2.6 pieces of goods for sale. At present, the company has valued more than 1 billion U. S. dollars. , co – founder and CCO (Creative Director) of Bradford Shellhammer, attributed’s success to good products. So, what kind of product is "worthy of", ?   Shellhammer asks the team to focus on finding products that appeal to consumers’ hot eyes. "the core value that we have been looking for in our product or design philosophy is whether we like it or even fall in love with it.". I also want to create a big brand like apple or IKEA. IKEA is more than just furniture, and it has an emotional connection with consumers. It may not be for everyone, but in the minds of those who fit, IKEA can not be replaced." Shellhammer says that in the early days of his website, he often calls every designer he wants and asks them to join the team. Now, Fab has set up a special group of 30 people to collect talented designers all over the world. in addition to reading fashion magazines and blogs, but also to participate in the group of various well-known fashion show and exhibition design, also need to visit some exotic shops, in order to find the next generation of design masters. (yes, they’re hiring. Students with design talent don’t miss it) young designers who just stepped out of school will have the chance to play at Fab. " ," Shellhammer said , the people who follow the crowd are not our food; what we really need is someone with a unique style of our own." wants to put the product of his design on and see if it meets the Shellhammer requirements:   1. beautifully designed "there are some interesting things in style, color, or other related aspects.". Is it a special style? Is there something different? " 2. is the product of the story, "as long as the product has a story behind it, whether it’s a teacup or a tablecloth, we can sell it."." >