The success of the Shanghai Phoenix site migration strategy needed eight steps

confirm whether all the web pages have some part of whether the combined new web site or web site. This will enable us in the next step to make the new correct site map. 1: a survey of the basic situation of   if your migration is in the redesigned or new launch site, you […]

Share Six magic website internal optimization

fifth: the reasonable layout: the website by others to search a large part of the original. : some sites have a lot of pictures and JS code, and the text itself is very few, this is not conducive to the search engine spider crawling, can see from the picture search love Shanghai, love Shanghai to […]

The image of love to create Shanghai Encyclopedia

  long fast encyclopedia brand publicity love Shanghai encyclopedia is a gold mine, filled with a variety of value. For example, the high quality of the chain, and create a stable source of traffic image, where the author tells the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love with the image to create problems. encyclopedia views undoubtedly belongs to […]

The website ranking is not the ultimate purpose of marketing attention of visitors is king

site development stage of website: comfortable web browsing is what we need, in the page should also be the most interested users. Therefore, the website structure suits the needs of the user’s habits. Of course, all the links are also on the search spider has a guiding role, let it quickly climbed over every corner […]

sh419 PPC was questioned in September 14th formally charged customer rightsA NOKIA collapsed and 400

‘s first day in Finland began with NOKIA, the biggest concern. , a former employee of NOKIA, has set up 400 small companies in Finland." When Marco Polo, general manager of the innovation center of Finland, told the number, it was a surprise. what is now supporting power of Finland continue to innovate? By the […]

Website revision needs to pay attention to several problems

below is for the website revision may encounter several situations and suggestions, just for reference: a website revision, select what kind of content management system (CMS) ? now most websites have CMS, which can save a lot of time to edit articles and simplify maintenance and management. Even a site without CMS, it’s easy to […]

With sincere service to retain customer’s heart

[this article is original, non consent shall not be reproduced. Author: blue web site where the QQ:281442672 forum friends to buy virtual host free shopping program] ! sincerely, reflected in the price. Are you willing to waste their money on worthless things? You don’t want to, the customer is not willing to, but also […]

Those successful products teach us about WEB design

        What Successful Products Teach Us About Web Design , as we all know, Web design is a process that requires constant polishing and modification, but over design is not good for the product. Design is the foundation of the product. Once the design is finished, a new version of the product […]

How to choose the underwear project

we choose underwear when joining the project, it should be inspected from many aspects, the investigation in place, in order to avoid unnecessary losses. Body sculpting underwear in a few years, the rapid development of fashion women’s love and favor! So, when we choose to join the project underwear underwear should be examined in those […]

Venture Capital Ideas what do you do to make money

often fail in the success of an idea, it is often said that good and evil in an idea, as well as for success, a lot of franchisees are based on a good venture golden ideas and the rise of entrepreneurial road. What do