Novice webmaster optimization analysis three elements

finally want to say is the description of the website, which is a combination of a project and the title of the website keywords. If the key is. search engine optimization? Three links between elements and how! Today Xiaobian help you to answer. said the second point is the site of the key words, the […]

Three skills do website optimization work

website optimization innovation, development strategy of website optimization is always a problem for most Adsense eyes, do optimization is more difficult than building a website, it is not only highly skilled can make stable website optimization, not because the skill can make the keyword of the website has a good ranking, website optimization is the […]

Remember good article reproduced still be search engine content

?Take Sina, This paper by Yang Chao ! there is a saying: "content is king", the content here, not only refers to the original, more important is the quality of the content. For SE, they don’t need what the original article, who can guarantee that each one of the original articles are worth reading? Users […]

Examples show that love Shanghai on the website JS code is not strictly grasping

The from here. but love Shanghai not included the contents of the site, we then look at the JS code   some of the webmaster all understand what is the JS code? Some of the new Shanghai dragon ER does not understand JS. That I described here is simple, JS full name Javascript, is a […]

The correct view of blog culture problem

, the first is too much energy and time for the manual registration blog is a personal webmaster, if registered dozens or even hundreds of blogs to management and maintenance, this is a lot of time and energy, and the effect is not immediately visible, after all the newly registered blog to slow training, if […]

Why not love love Shanghai search website creative elements

algorithm does not favor a few reasons to love Shanghai station enterprise innovation ?The love Shanghai for the text collection and text quality identification technology has basically been mature. Love Shanghai algorithm can determine article is high quality or low quality of the original mosaic and pseudo original, love Shanghai spiders can also each link […]

Grassroots webmaster do garbage station should have a garbage appearance

              every day on the A5 to study, rarely speak in general, yesterday saw a friend in one of her business records mentioned me, I can not feel out. Thank you A5 webmaster to Fifi article approved, I have a deep feeling, I hope more people can write their […]

University students to prevent stepping on the wrong brake device

can be said to have hidden some opportunities everywhere in our life, at the same time, some opportunities that also need people to find positive, it can be said that the college student entrepreneurs through their own successful business was found. mistakenly put the brakes as the pedal, many started the "rookie" have encountered such […]

Wang Ke tea brand integrity strength

tea as a classic drink special, has been in the market have a high status, especially young people there is now, has a very high power consumption, so now more and more consumers are also eager to join the ranks of the tea business investment, as investors, choice of a pair of entrepreneurial projects, entrepreneurship […]

Trust your instincts when you start a business

entrepreneurship is not a good way to go, the road of fierce competition, difficulties, even so, on the road to entrepreneurship, we have to believe in ourselves, I believe their intuition! Let’s take a look at what intuition gives to those people