Venture capital investment into a gold project recommended

many people have always had a very good idea, but because of all kinds of concerns and can not easily try. Now women entrepreneurs have become a fashion in the moment, most of them prefer a small entrepreneurial projects, today we recommend a few good small investment projects.

simulation flower shop

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Xiao Bian to analyze how much money to open a toy store

a lot of friends are interested in the toy shop, open a toy store is really a good idea. So, how much does it cost to open a toy shop? Before you invest in a shop, you need to know about the cost of investment. Here is to introduce how much money to open a toy shop.

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The value evaluation system of gymnasium location

modern people due to the pressure of life, physical condition worse, more intense demand for fitness, the gym has a good market foothold in space. Investors to open the gym, the first problem encountered is the site, exactly how the site? Site evaluation system.

The location of

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How to choose the lighting brand

how to select the advantages of lighting brand? In the face of the various brands on the market items, businesses how to quickly find a good product for their own investment? Xiaobian summed up the selection of the project related skills, hoping to help you sort out ideas, find the right product.

look brand

brand lighting franchise should adhere to the principle of "intelligent design, perfect life" Humanistic core, to build a scientific, intelligent and modernization, to meet the different needs of consumers personalized lighting lighting products supplier. Brand lighting headquarters has advanced lighting management and operational experience, so how to choose the lighting to join the brand lighting to join the strength and brand to ensure you. read more

Nanchang 156 staff members of the suspension of entrepreneurial personnel relations reserved

in order to promote the economic development of Nanchang, reduce the pressure on people to start a business, to promote the formation of a large entrepreneurial atmosphere, Nanchang City, the first time to allow enterprises and institutions to suspend business employees, the original unit can also retain personnel relations.

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How to minimize the risk of entrepreneurship

business, and not as simple to say is good, a lot of the time we need to think about, but now people lack the most is the calm thinking, to reduce the risk and do not know how to start? Here are some simple ways to give you.

before starting a business must have a comprehensive understanding of

on industry market environment

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How to manage Xiamen treasury cash

in the current social situation, investment has become a universal behavior, especially the rise of bank financing, many people will idle funds for financial management. In order to further standardize the city’s national treasury cash management behavior from the system, the city recently issued the Xiamen municipal treasury cash management rules. Last weekend, Xu Lishan, deputy director of the Municipal Finance Bureau, guest finance network director online interview column, the introduction of the rules on the interpretation. read more