Google shopping search PPC or push into money machine

and the development trend of the most likely future is: with more and more enterprises to join Google shopping for advertising, advertising prices continue to rise, resulting in more and more small and medium-sized enterprises were turned on the threshold. reason and Samir’s explanation is, establish business relationship and businesses will encourage them to ensure […]

Personal website prospect thinking website should realize the four modernizations as early as possib

recently I attended several Internet Conference salon, benefit, in short, put some classic things up, today the formation of the title, personal webmaster should as soon as possible the realization of the four modernizations: 1: before the commercial personal station is purely rely on the support of interest, most owners basically not a long-term plan, […]

How to build a new station into a successful website

since last year, Baidu began to vigorously combat garbage sites, now new sites more and more difficult to do, because Baidu new sites for the threshold is higher and higher, the webmaster living space is also getting smaller and smaller. Some webmaster will ask whether after grassroots Adsense can’t do site, in my view may […]

Game video sharing website Twitch what sell 1 billion knives

[Abstract] yesterday, with a nearly $1 billion Amazon Twitch into her arms, figure is what? What kind of game player groups have distinct characteristics, their pleasure come from? The buddy in the crowd, and to learn what to take on Twitch ?   may rarely notice that gamers have dual attributes: they like to play […]

1 billion dollars’s selling Secrets products with stories

    gay theme started the social networking site in July last year, the successful transformation into a product design online flash sales site, in these 11 months, the site sold a total of 1 million items, namely every minute 2.6 pieces of goods for sale. At present, the company has valued more than […]

The road of brand of local talent network operation section (1)

how does the local talent network count as a brand? She is based on user’s approval, website popularity, resume, especially senior resume and the number of large and well-known enterprises. The current situation of talent network competition is particularly fierce, recruitment companies have losses, local talent net can emerge? Of course, the answer is yes, […]

Zhang Yong should be prepared for the advice of entrepreneurs

a successful entrepreneur, must be tempered after a. No one can go with it. LBE security master founder, CEO Zhang Yong is a 85, but when I saw a real person, even people think he was more than and 30 years old. "I’m worried." LBE pr manager said with a smile. LBE security guru, including […]

Tonglu initiatives inviting national innovation and Entrepreneurship

in business, entrepreneurs is one of the key factors, some now held throughout the entrepreneurial activity and introduced the relevant measures is to join venture in order to attract some entrepreneurs, in Zhejiang Tonglu county held a talent in science and technology week. 2015 "Junshan Park" talent in science and technology week starts today, Zhejiang […]

Ten mistakes made by Li Kaifu entrepreneurs

Li Kaifu the name everyone should be very familiar with his wonderful deeds on the Internet has been admired by everyone. From apple, Microsoft to Google, from Google to innovation works, from the mature business model of large multinational companies to control the financing risk investment, Li Kaifu again completed its occupation career on entrepreneurship […]

Sales do good or bad performance

sales are often seen in our modern society, often encountered, a lot of people are engaged in the sale of this industry, then, how to judge a person to do good or bad sales? Performance is the key to the performance of the said!