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  • Do a good job in WeChat store sales promotion

    speaking of WeChat, and now many people are not unfamiliar, it has become a very important tool for communication. If used properly, can also become a weapon to make money oh. Ever since I set up shop, I always feel lonely and boring. Therefore, very envious of the "office workers" and the young people running […]

    How to get out of poverty and fellow sufferers of Mount Holyoke

    in our life although some city economy has made great development, but in some areas due to geographical reasons, the amount of economic development is still relatively lagging behind, so out of poverty is one of the biggest wish of the local people. November 5th, Mount Holyoke County, West Township, the village of Pan Xianhai, […]

    Most profitable business in 2011

    people want to invest in entrepreneurial wealth, former entrepreneurs should not blindly, have a good grasp of the market analysis, now on the market what the most profitable business, then according to the specific circumstances of the screening, to find suitable for their projects. The whole network Xiaobian for you to collect the most profitable […]

    Sichuan more than 2400 migrant workers return home entrepreneurship or policy envelopes

    farmers back home business and red envelopes can lead, you are not the first time I heard it? Yes, this is a good measure to be implemented in Sichuan Province, at the same time, will also attract a large number of migrant workers to return home venture.

    Jewelry shop to let laid-off workers earn big money

    now the difficult employment problem is more and more prominent, for young people, business investment has become the first choice for young people to develop their own career, so in the current increasing competition, open a jewelry store? If you also want to join the industry to join the jewelry industry, then together with the […]

    Entrepreneurship shop before these surveys can not

    no investigation no right to speak, adequate investigation is the basis for making decisions, entrepreneurship shop is the same, in front of the formal shop, do some investigation is very necessary. So what needs to be done before starting a business survey? Mainly in the following areas.