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  • The search engine is more and more attention to the user experience how to get to Shanghai Dragon

    , a website to build strong brand word. Your site name has the difference with the others, the word love Shanghai index should not be much competitive? So whether the word should be very easy to do even before the three first? As long as you do, and update the content, no cheating K or […]

    Zac blog Shanghai dragon why not stable in the first rank

        The search engine algorithm changes will affect the site keywords ranking, as this is the webmaster keywords Shanghai dragon often concerned, ranked first in the Shanghai dragon why forum was replaced by the Chinaz tool, let a lot of Shanghai dragon Er that Shanghai dragon why forum has been better than in the […]

    How to choose effective keywords

    relevant information we have learned, so the most important thing is how to choose effective keywords. made the website of the enterprise or for individual webmaster, choose effective keywords for the importance of a website is self-evident, but how to choose effective keywords is not an easy thing, we should not only understand the characteristics […]

    Outside the station optimization tutorial series four understand the full range of BBS forum marketi

    BBS forum marketing 12 aspects of knowledge are as follows: BBS keynote forum marketing, marketing channel is discussed, BBS forum marketing should be in diversified basis, gradually formed its own culture and mainstream culture or style. For example, a column, hire or train our columnist and columnist, users are widely concerned about the topic words. […]

    In 2013 the new change of search engine optimization

    The webmaster friends when the website content is: I thought about this problem and the content is not the user wants, the user enters into my website by keyword search, the website provides information as to whether I and his heart to find content, content is king, that no matter what the time is the […]

    In order to make a chain strategy website to fly higher

    sprocket has 2 kinds: one is standing group of sprocket, the other is a blog sprocket, standing group of sprocket has the advantages of different domains, different space, different IP, the effect is good. The disadvantage is the high cost of trouble maintenance. Blog sprocket is application, in each big bokee贵族宝贝 no cost, good maintenance, […]

    Optimization method — how to clean up the mess left by the others don’t want to say

    then see "114 standard net" included rate is particularly low, analysis is the section repetition rate is too high, "according to different categories, add different types of content, the latest articles, click on the most, the query tool through the webmaster, sort out those included page to. This site contains more than 30000! Then click […]

    Small and medium-sized enterprises more competitive search engine promotion price is discussed

    , for example, a friend, 400 phone, the year before last season, the open bidding prompted by a sudden impulse Sogou input, compared to love Shanghai for bidding is naturally a lot less, but the three months of the season, Shanghai took love bidding less than 1/3 of the money, to bring customers almost to […]

    Remember good article reproduced still be search engine content

    ?Take Sina, This paper by Yang Chao ! there is a saying: "content is king", the content here, not only refers to the original, more important is the quality of the content. For SE, they don’t need what the original article, who can guarantee that each one of the original articles are worth reading? Users […]

    Promotion forum to enhance the user registration series (three)

    1, just started when I update the forum, but I only part of the update, another important need to click on the link to see. So the user will click in. in my early update time and did not think this problem, just update the article only then end with a link. Although the industry […]