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  • From the development of the major search engines to push Internet site security verification

    at present, in order to further rectify the situation of the Internet, the monsters and freaks of all descriptions, love dragons and fishes jumbled together, Shanghai (united in 360), Sogou search launched website security authentication service, launched the first website security verification is the 360 comprehensive search, then love Shanghai is not lonely launch site […]

    City Express web site optimization experience

    ! tried to draw plenty of traffic from search engines, to expand brand awareness, not a specific products. Such as China Mobile, gome. Depending on the search engine traffic, and will the flow as a product to attract advertisers to the web advertising. Here, I hope every Shanghai dragon can purify network environment, reduce spam. […]

    PR will go up ranking will go up

    1, the PR value is better than none 2, new PR is not a legend many people are on the official website of Discuz PR 0 is concerned, last year the station PR is 8 to 7, during the landing, the updated directly is cleared, the reason and the official forum revision often have great […]

    The content of the website page love Shanghai and Google included weight comparison

    Figure two: : a Google search results ! is often the case, a lot of content pages can also get a good ranking in Google; and love Shanghai seems to have a lot of weight sites are mainly concentrated in the home page, the inside pages of the weight ratio of right home important is […]

    Submit your site Google review request

    Google Webmaster Tools "links pointing to your site" can be used as a tool for a good start on the detection of the quality of your site outside the chain. If you have a specific period of time using the Shanghai dragon competition means to obtain some words ranking, then you can download the chain […]

    Shanghai dragon Er are you still be old ideas hold you

    Shanghai dragon old ideas really so important, then the authority? The Marx doctrine teaches us to look at things with suspicion, for these old ideas and we don’t need it confused, it was led by the nose, the mainstream idea should go to redefine a new Shanghai dragon eye. Shanghai dragon, from the introduction of […]

    Shanghai dragon inside and outside the chain optimization on site

    Keywords 4, which is standing in the front of the page. Analysis of the row in front of the competitors’ keywords page, is an independent domain name or two level domain name? Is the channel page or column page? Or a separate page? If most of the content page, we can use a special page, […]

    Shanghai dragon Tag tags optimization technology

    Between 1. common 1. for each article added Tag, so you add Tag articles will be directly linked to the East journey the corresponding Tag page. This will increase your chance of being the visit. two 3. blog add up to 10 Tag, the length of each Tag is 15 characters; Tag (Chinese called "tag") […]

    Shanghai dragon famous interpretation how to determine the success or failure of the details

    Shanghai Longfeng effectMany people second, Shanghai dragon is a variety of long-term implementation details, the cumulative effect will be. in the implementation process, a lot of people seem to be busy every day, but no details perfectly. For example, some people will try to start a blog, often open a dozen blog, the first two […]

    Statistics nobility baby high ranking is what page

    first, the chain number more, ranking or better. No matter how many people claim that the chain did not use what, statistics, and ranking the most relevant or the chain. this kind of artificial intelligence and semantic understanding ability will make Shanghai Longfeng have a comprehensive and significant change from keyword research to the structure […]