The most trustworthy money making good project

entrepreneurship is a new hot words nowadays, more and more people’s attention, attracting more and more people’s attention and eye, then, what are the moment to make money to make a good project? May wish to come together to understand!

The second China Internet plus College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship contest held

In addition to , all over the country at all levels of government to provide various preferential policies of entrepreneurship at the same time, a variety of related games has been carried out, not only is to inspire, also can give the outstanding entrepreneurs more awesome support. wearing a helmet can be close contact with […]

Recommend a few creative snack shop names

snacks market unusually hot, a lot of friends want to open a snack bar, would like to set up shop action. Before you start a shop, take a creative name for your store! What is the name of the creative snack bar? The following is recommended for everyone, you want to open a snack shop […]

Ten mistakes made by Li Kaifu entrepreneurs

Li Kaifu the name everyone should be very familiar with his wonderful deeds on the Internet has been admired by everyone. From apple, Microsoft to Google, from Google to innovation works, from the mature business model of large multinational companies to control the financing risk investment, Li Kaifu again completed its occupation career on entrepreneurship […]

What do you need to pay attention to

venture, no doubt is the boss of the dream to go to work, the store opened more will become a franchise brand, but most of the chain began to become the most need to pay attention to what? 1, positioning: popular consumer route the franchisee must first understand, to join us and not profit guarantee. […]

How to open a clothing store in order to maximize the consumer

with the continuous improvement of the quality of life, people’s demand for food and clothing is getting higher and higher, and clothing can be said to be the first to bear the brunt of sales unpopular. For investors, the opening of a clothing store is mainly to attract the attention of consumers, thereby stimulating the […]

Migrant workers will implement the real name system to sign a contract to work on behalf of the bank

recently Deputy Minister of the Ministry of human resources and social, said that China will implement the real name system for the national migrant workers, after the signing of the contract for construction. And by the bank on behalf of wages, to prevent the occurrence of arrears of wages.

Share Five Secrets of success at the franchise industry

business to do some preparatory work, if want to become a franchisee, then prior to master the skills, the predecessors shared his franchise business know-how, hope to bring some help.

Venture on the road 70% and 30% you know

for those who really want to embark on the road of entrepreneurship, the industry will certainly have a more comprehensive understanding of this should be aware of what is said in this article 70% and in the end what is the meaning of the meaning of the. Say business is difficult, really difficult? It’s not […]

Home textile store location tips

home textile store location need to pay attention to what problems? If you don’t know much about this problem, look at the skills. Home textile store location need to go from a number of aspects of the investigation and analysis, the following recommendations a few focus on the investigation, I hope to help you. The […]