IIS log analysis tools EXCEL PivotTable

then the first 4 rows to delete, select the A column, click on the excel > data in > file is too large may not operate, can be used to open UltraEdit, you want to get the screening data (specific to download a paper). The file is not large can use Notepad to open direct […]

PR will go up ranking will go up

1, the PR value is better than none 2, new PR is not a legend many people are on the official website of Discuz PR 0 is concerned, last year the station PR is 8 to 7, during the landing, the updated directly is cleared, the reason and the official forum revision often have great […]

Use some strategies to optimize the software secret Shanghai Dragon

you may not know what this is, is simply the agent used for IP, many times the forum or blog will be IP, this can be spared, but I generally do not have here, because the forum and blog will seal, basically you can not approach or they don’t allow do you change in IP, […]

Summary of seven ways to make money online novice265 Rainbow Valley percentage to classification Com

is now the computer has everyone working life cannot do without the thing, more and more people began to come into contact with the network to make money in this industry, a lot of people want to make money through the computer network, but the network to make money is not like many novice friends […]

The mass content of Wangzhuan mailPOCO strike out, providing content services for small and medium-s

      POCO site alliance will be officially launched in August 31st, the small and medium-sized webmaster can go to union.poco.cn access to POCO high quality content support. According to the relevant person in charge of POCO, compared with the traditional content alliance, POCO alliance will provide original content personalized space more and more […]

Site security policy solutions

web security policy solution , Part 1, security requirements for web 1.1 Web security architecture, including host security, network security and application security; Security requirements for 1.2, Web browsers and servers; in the known web server (including hardware and software) vulnerabilities, for the type of web server attacks least; management operations on the server can […]

How entrepreneurs become millionaires

with the severe employment situation, more and more 80 after joining the ranks of entrepreneurship. The ranks of fierce competition, it is necessary to make more efforts to succeed. So after 80 entrepreneurs want to become a millionaire, need to pay attention to what problems?

The second China Internet plus College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship contest held

In addition to , all over the country at all levels of government to provide various preferential policies of entrepreneurship at the same time, a variety of related games has been carried out, not only is to inspire, also can give the outstanding entrepreneurs more awesome support. wearing a helmet can be close contact with […]

Venture on the road 70% and 30% you know

for those who really want to embark on the road of entrepreneurship, the industry will certainly have a more comprehensive understanding of this should be aware of what is said in this article 70% and in the end what is the meaning of the meaning of the. Say business is difficult, really difficult? It’s not […]

Technology start-ups are not suitable for job seekers

science and technology entrepreneurship is now a hot field, many entrepreneurs are starting their own career path from science and technology entrepreneurship. But for those who want to get rich in startups, it’s not that simple.