From the development of the major search engines to push Internet site security verification

at present, in order to further rectify the situation of the Internet, the monsters and freaks of all descriptions, love dragons and fishes jumbled together, Shanghai (united in 360), Sogou search launched website security authentication service, launched the first website security verification is the 360 comprehensive search, then love Shanghai is not lonely launch site […]

What is the purpose and significance of the site optimization in Shanghai Longfeng optimization proc

? third, the website structure embodies the website weight distribution details. We know the station optimization, especially for carrying the site the weights of the index page, clear navigation is a manifestation of weight distribution is very favorable, between the web pages and pages also exist within the weight transfer, to enhance the weights of […]

Online customer service system — changing visitors to customers, changing traffic to sales!Tips for

analysis of

Small steamed stuffed bun can also make big business

Xiaobian that no matter what you do, as long as you do not complain, must be in the public in the talent shows itself, do well, even a little baozi inn. is just a baozi Inn in Hangzhou, at the corner of the street in the morning, the morning of the heavy traffic, people lined […]

The 70 thousand man was stabbed more than 10 knives for incitement to kill has been saved

men’s 70 thousand incitement to kill himself, in the end what is the reason for the man to make such a ridiculous thing? No matter how precious life is, you have to cherish ah! March 29th, Zhengzhou police announced the case, hoping to provide more inspiration for life through this case. [the] hotel stuffed murder […]

Want to become rich to abide by the principles of entrepreneurship

a lot of people are doing business in order to embark on the road to wealth, so if you want to get rich, we must carefully read the following. The following small series to introduce the need to follow the principles of wealth. 1, the most important thing is character. Immoral people are unwilling to […]

The first thing you need to know about these 6 things

many friends want to open a company, but the company is not so simple, need to know a lot of skills. If you want to set up a design company, then this article is very useful for you, we look at the creation of design companies need to pay attention to what matters.

What are the criteria for opening a store

is now a lot of shops to do the scale is very large, relying solely on the owner of the individual can not do business bigger, naturally also need to recruit the relevant staff. However, in the end what kind of staff is appropriate, each industry will have different standards. So, what is the standard […]