Shanghai dragon Er are you still be old ideas hold you

Shanghai dragon old ideas really so important, then the authority? The Marx doctrine teaches us to look at things with suspicion, for these old ideas and we don’t need it confused, it was led by the nose, the mainstream idea should go to redefine a new Shanghai dragon eye. Shanghai dragon, from the introduction of […]

Tourism website optimization need to do what work

tourism website optimization points listed above, thinking way tourism website system in the website structure and program code, help travel agencies do the following work: (3) station with good tree architecture, flat directory depth, is very conducive to each page to grab and rankings. (3) JS reasonable use, effectively avoid the search engine unable to […]

Love Shanghai cancel the chain, the chain will continue to work

mentioned here love Shanghai and high quality of the chain, the love of Shanghai did not give a specific explanation, in the end is what kind of the chain, the chain end is generated in the platform, the role of the chain is the target site’s ranking, not just, that is to optimize personnel rank […]

What do you have which a strategy

: do Shanghai Longfeng webmaster friends, meet site suddenly occurs when the number change, the first to see the people within the industry website ranking, then the new algorithm for search engines to look at their website is reasoning, or search engine problems, then try to solve. : if the webmaster friends want to do […]

Novice webmaster 4 months experience do not easily stand

ha ha, see this title, many webmaster may not understand. I don’t know who said it. The first time I saw it was blue, the boss said. "Don’t stand easily." at first I was hard to understand. Why would he say that?. Is it difficult to do a station or to make a station without […]

The Internet Environment survival of the fittest in natural selection survival of the fittest

these two days, the Internet is a bit more calm, or just a calm before the storm. The Internet is full of unstable circumstances. No one knows what might happen tomorrow. Many things happen without warning. A few days ago, Google also discussed the uproar, these two days tend to calm, Google may stay. , […]

How was the new website included in Baidu for 20 days

The new website some time ago to do: wrote an article "the new owners do do industry station" sofa industry network on the line, space can see Ha! Before and after 15 days, today Baidu site, to the collection. But look at the snapshot time in June 3rd, No. 5, what does this mean? […]

Retail customers how to seize large customers

no matter what kind of shop, if you can catch a big customer, which for the latter part of the store’s business development is undoubtedly very favorable. In fact, large customers, repeat customers is an important guarantee to improve the operating efficiency of retail outlets. Practice has proved that the greater the number of customers […]

In fact, we are only short of executive power, talking about the importance of execution to the webs

The word " " is actually quite empty. You can often hear him, but you often ignore him. Especially in a big company, leaders often mention this word, but there are not many people who really understand it. Our company, I want to cheap nets, attaches great importance to this. every year, China has many […]

King Wang do not finish the money you can’t earn

saw the article before Wang Wang, just finished with a friend on the site difficult discussion, and then read this article, the Internet industry felt a deeper layer. the Internet is not rich, he has no difference with the traditional nature of the industry, but also the same even more: you do not work, the […]