Improve the site and search engine friendly degree is mutual help

  , why do you say that? 1, from the content, every A5 site has a large number of original content displayed, the content not only enrich website content, further to obtain the support of the search engine, imagine dozens of articles every day of the original article search engine can not happy? If your […]

That is you oh! Several misunderstandings in Shanghai Longfeng Links the exchange!

we all love each other through the search site keywords ranking, if ranking is that website quality is very high; and if the other site did not think it over the other ranking level, do not want to change. 2, attention to each other website keywords ranking, but not competitive analysis of words. ? as […]

We are a group of programmers who are full of peace and impetuosity and complaining

and IT found that many people, performance is more impetuous and complain, so this article, we either coder, or an architect or project manager, have the same mentality, just like the development and comparison of different routes. It is a peace and development of the society, most people not to eat and worry more for […]

Repeatedly questioned her community how to harvest 20 million users half a year

DoNews12, 23, (editor Chen Yanqu), one day in August, her community suddenly burst into fire. In the sudden increase in downloads, and beyond Taobao jumped to App Store life class list of first cases, some people began to doubt the results of the voice, a time brush list of questions come one after another. almost […]

Seven steps to determine an optimal degree of difficulty of the project

whether companies or individuals, whether small or large projects in the project, then live before, must first confirm the difficulty of optimization of the project, the project can not do, and then to the customer at a reasonable price, do not report to scare away customers, low at the expense of their own. Are some […]

Cai Wensheng grassroots attack counter domain name registration stunt 1, domain name at least 1 mill

review: Cai Wensheng, Fujian Shishi, a high school dropout, early to help the family to do the clothing business, in 1993 moved to the southeast, in 1999 started the domain name business after returning home, Chinese became the most successful domain name investors. he had single-handed, grabbed about one hundred thousand Internet domain names, the […]

How to operate a jewelry store to profit

small jewelry can be greatly different, can also let the people who want to start a business to gain more benefits, accessories now in the market has a huge demand, especially for the characteristics of small accessories, can always be everyone’s favorite, attracting a large number of consumers to buy. Venture to open a jewelry […]

How to make money in 2016

if you want to start, it is necessary to have a certain understanding of the market, have a certain understanding of industry environment, so we can help you to make more rational decision, to make money in 2016 is of great concern to everyone, now take a look at the latest in 2016 to make […]

Small venture 8 taboo to see what you have committed

usually, we will choose a small venture, because such a lower risk. The use of limited funds for entrepreneurship, although the risk is not large, but also pay more attention to some matters. Small business and pay attention to what? What taboo? Let’s take a look. 1. sit door and other guest

How to do a good job in auto beauty franchise

now, the development of the automobile industry is very fast, all travel are driving, therefore, car beauty is indispensable, this is the car maintenance, car beauty market hot, this is a good opportunity, by a lot of investors. We choose to open a shop in order to be profitable, and car beauty stores in the […]