The content of the website page love Shanghai and Google included weight comparison

Figure two: : a Google search results ! is often the case, a lot of content pages can also get a good ranking in Google; and love Shanghai seems to have a lot of weight sites are mainly concentrated in the home page, the inside pages of the weight ratio of right home important is […]

Shanghai dragon famous interpretation how to determine the success or failure of the details

Shanghai Longfeng effectMany people second, Shanghai dragon is a variety of long-term implementation details, the cumulative effect will be. in the implementation process, a lot of people seem to be busy every day, but no details perfectly. For example, some people will try to start a blog, often open a dozen blog, the first two […]

How to choose effective keywords

relevant information we have learned, so the most important thing is how to choose effective keywords. made the website of the enterprise or for individual webmaster, choose effective keywords for the importance of a website is self-evident, but how to choose effective keywords is not an easy thing, we should not only understand the characteristics […]

Do the three most important aspects of Shanghai Dragon time, mentality and strategy

Many webmaster do : you mentioned above and the mentality of the accumulation of Shanghai dragon needs time, so naturally need a good mentality. In Shanghai dragon industry, two words most often heard is patience and execution. Two are very important, I personally think that mentality is mainly reflected in two aspects, one is the […]

The search engine is changing, but some things never change

reverse link is indeed in a certain extent can bring some traffic to the site, but also can enhance the optimization effect. But I want to say is not the reverse link > , little fish for some personal opinions of their own, talk about what we do for the optimization, all along is right: […]

The site was K fifteen days after the resumption of normal experience sharing

dream weaving administrator of the online home from August thirty after the development is fairly smooth, the site was collected fifteen days after a plurality of main keywords has been ranked first, such as "dream template" and "dream tutorial" etc.. These keywords Baidu index is not high, competition is not big. But the dream weaving […]

Some questions about how to improve website traffic

my website has been doing for a long time, and has been doing badly. Please ask the experts to help me analyze it carefully. Thank you very much, The station built in 99 years, the time is purely personal entertainment, very boring, spend time with, and so on and off for three or four years, […]

The development of web design difficult to overcome three major problems

many people have mastered the techniques of making web pages, but the essentials of web design still need to be improved. Some people think that more colors, more pages, and better design. But the fact is, especially for beginners, to get rid of three problems: first, the text visibility is too low; secondly, the lack […]

Ten key points to remember before you leave your job

now that he can run away, why bother running away now, ? doesn’t like your present job and can’t be a reason to quit your job. It may sound like a reason, but not a strong enough reason. It lacks a strong sense of mission. Although everyone is likely to become an entrepreneur, entrepreneurship is […]

Optimization of K station is too soft Huitianzhili

accidental contact to the webmaster of this industry, I also like many webmaster, first a small blog, or hung in a portal on the site, in the QQ signature and data are written on its own blog address, even friends, ask a question, to the software, also the first to blog in the address to […]